Author: Justin Covington

Foreign currency loans – Strengthening proposal to prevent banks from escaping clearing

The Good Finance faction is pushing for a tightening of the law on the conversion of foreign currency loans to prevent banks from shirking their accountability obligations, the leader of the larger government party told MTI on Thursday. The bill would tighten the interest rate premium on forint loans As a replacement for foreign currency […]

Fedlerotas Loan amortizes Astera’s debt

  It is the new synergy in the world of corporate transactions. Buy a very expensive asset, acquire it with a lot of debt, see how it does not generate the cash flows that you had planned and dedicate yourself to sell the industrial crown jewels that you have for with the generated box to […]

Loan and Credit inbound and outbound sessions

Posting transfers in Poland depends on the E-Money and EXPRESS E-Money sessions (instant transfers), there is also an external system operated by BlueMedia called BlueCash. E-Money is an electronic system of settlements between banks for which the governmental institution KIR (National Clearing House) is responsible, all outgoing and incoming transfers are settled in packages called […]