Non-bank loan companies 2017

The new year started today so an article related to the new year and a review of the non-bank loans market. Today I will check in which companies from the non-banking market, we have a chance to obtain a non-bank loan with monthly installments. It is worth emphasizing that I chose only those companies that are considered proven and safe.

If we enter the term non-bank loans into the search engine, we will also receive a set of ready-made companies, but for which we will not be completely sure. They may include companies that will require high prepayments or advances from us to obtain a loan, or ones that will want to cheat us.

Loan and Credit – self-service loan


One of the cheapest offers available on the market of non-bank loans, but only as part of a self-service loan, i.e. a loan that is completely available via the Internet. A loan taken out in this way is much cheaper to pay back than the Loan and Credit home loan still on offer. The company’s current proposal is up to PLN 15,000 with a repayment period of 3 to 24 months

Loan without certificates up to PLN 5,000

Good Finance is the most trusted company and belongs to the same company that is responsible for the Good brand. Under the name Good Finance, only installment loans are granted whose repayment period can be from 3 to even 24 months. Loans up to PLN 5,000 are granted without the required certificates, and if someone wants to obtain even more loans, Good Finance can offer loans of up to PLN 10,000.

Good Credit – installment loan

Good Credit has two loan options on offer and one of them is the installment loan. The amount of available loans may not be too high because the maximum limit can be up to PLN 3,000, but the company can boast of the lowest loan cost up to this amount. Loans are granted to persons from 18 years of age who already have income that enables them to repay the loan.

E-Money Bank also offers a non-bank loan with a long-term repayment period. The maximum amount of available loans is PLN 5,000 and the loan repayment period can be from 6 to 24 months. E-Money loans are granted without the need to verify in the BIK databases, so even if your bank has rejected your loan application, you will have the chance to have a loan at Loan and Credit.

The Online Payday loan is completely available

Via the Internet, so all necessary formalities related to the loan can be arranged remotely. The amounts of available loans reach up to PLN 10,000 and the loan repayment period can be spread over monthly installments from 3 to 24 months. Online Payday loans can be used by persons over 18 years of age and who do not have debts in both BIK databases and debtors’ registers.

An interesting proposition that may appeal to those who are not familiar with the subject of non-bank loans and simply want to obtain such a loan. Through Good Loan you can get up to PLN 25,000 with a repayment period of 1 to 12 months. Since the loan offer is very wide, almost everyone has a chance to get a loan, provided that they are at least 18 years old.

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